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Clipping for all Occasions

Cattle Clipping For Sales

At ND Challenor Livestock Services we provide a wide range of cattle clipping options to ensure your sale is stress-free and successful. We have strong expertise in the industry and have worked for some of the most reputable sales in the country. We also have close links with Bagshaws,  Halls and Wright and Manley Auctioneers, providing services at many of their sales up and down the country.

Dirty Cattle Clipping

ND Challenor Livestock Services offer a safe and cost-effective dirty cattle clipping service pre-slaughter. Producing clean cattle can often be difficult, especially during the winter months when wet weather and housing creates dirty conditions.

Cleanliness at slaughter minimises the potential risk to human health, reducing the chance of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.Coli.

We trim dirty hair on the belly, flank and tails of animals ready for slaughter, in compliance with trading standards.

  • Cattle clipping for sales
  • Dirty cattle clipping
  • Winter cattle clipping
  • Cattle clipping for valuations (EG: TB)
  • Total sale preparation¬†(clipping, washing, sale day service)