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ND Challenor

Professional Livestock Services

Whether it is foot trimming, freeze branding, clipping or a handling system you require, Nick Challenor will work hard to give you the services you need and the loyalty you expect.

Nick and the ND Challenor Professional Livestock Services team will provide the animal care you need using the latest equipment and trimming techniques.

If you have a beef or dairy herd it is essential to develop foot care programmes which fit in with your business operation and assist with the productivity, longevity and performance of the herd.

Working together regularly will ensure the best results for herd health.


Working with, farmers and vets across the country, our services are tailored to each individual’s requirement, a key to enhancing animal health.

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About Foot Trimming

Foot trimming can help reduce problems in the herd and economic loss. Watch our video to find out more

Tips to Prevent Lameness

  1. 1 Organise regular visits with your professional Hoof Trimmer
  2. 2 Work out a suitable foot care programme for your herd
  3. 3 Trim hooves regularly
  4. 4 Mobility score your herd at regular intervals and treat hoof problems as soon as they are identified
  5. 5 Use a footbath for Digital Dermatitis and healthy feet
  6. 6 Be aware of rough surfaces which can cause hoof damage
  7. 7 Ulcers, White Line Disease and Abscesses should be treated by your professional Foot Trimmer

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