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Foot Trimming & Freeze Branding Services

Shropshire, Mid-Wales, North Wales and Border Counties

The last thing any farmer wants is lame cows that will lose production and fertility – before you can do anything the cow is on cull list. Prevention is key when it comes to managing the overall foot health of a herd.

Cattle foot trimming can help reduce problems in the herd and economic loss. Issues with 
posture and mobility will occur if hooves are not trimmed, eventually leading to an impact on profitability. The hoof wall should always take the pressure, not the central sole.


Trimming should be done at routine intervals, weekly, fortnightly and even monthly, with ad hoc or more frequent visits tailored to individual farm requirements. 


If you have a beef or dairy herd it is essential to develop foot care programmes which fit in with your business operation and assist with the productivity, longevity and performance of the herd. Working together regularly will ensure the best results for herd health.

ND Challenor Professional Livestock Services | Member

Products for Sale

Adhesive for Cow Hoof Treatment,  200ml 


Adhesive Properties:

• 2-Part adhesive system supplied in a convenient cartridge to avoid any hand mixing
• Working time of 30-40 seconds and curing time of 2-4 minutes enables a fast claw treatment
• Fast cure even at low temperatures

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