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Foot Trimming

Horn growth is usually about 5 mm a month. Overgrowth occurs mainly at the toe, this is where most of the horn needs to be removed when trimming. Problems with posture and mobility will occur if hooves are not trimmed, eventually leading to an impact on profitability. The hoof wall should always take the pressure, not the central sole.

Two of the most popular cattle foot trimming services offered by the ND Challenor Livestock Services team are 90 to 100 days after calving and before the cows are dried off. Foot trimming is essential precautionary work to prevent lameness and is the most cost effective way to combat foot problems.

Animal welfare and cattle comfort are a key consideration for Nick and his team. The Tuffy Tilt Crush used for cattle foot trimming is specially designed and custom made to ensure minimal stress is caused to the animal.

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