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Digital Data Strategy

Observing cattle and recording data digitally, a comprehensive analysis of lameness can be gathered for a herd. Using an online manager, it is possible to view hoof reports anywhere at any time, receiving updated herd data in real-time, to respond immediately to any concerns and to share important welfare information with customers. This really enhances efficiency with the preventative approach, accurately reducing problems in the herd and minimising economic loss.


Records of both mobility scoring and cattle foot trimming sessions are kept on a specially developed software system. This facilitates the opportunity to analyse and feedback patterns of disease and track progress. Investment in new computer technology holds great potential to develop breeding and management strategies for reducing lameness in your dairy or beef herd.


Computerising data collection during trimming makes it possible to record quality data at the crush. It provides an opportunity to expand the management possibilities for producers. As a further step in the development process this information may even be useful in addressing genetic issues around hoof and claw health.

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